Taking a Preventative Approach to Auto Service

At our auto centre, our experienced mechanics believe routine auto maintenance is key to ensuring you don’t experience any trouble on the road – but we can also handle any repairs that come up.

That’s why we offer a wide range of auto maintenance services to keep your car, truck, van or SUV running smoothly while extending its life.

Winter Maintenance Packages

$149.99 +hst

Regular Oil Change
Top Up Fluids
Wiper Check
Tire Check
Brake Check
Headlight Buffing

$79.99 +hst

Regular Oil Change
Top Up Fluids
Wiper Check

Auto Repairs in Tottenham

By scheduling regular maintenance with the help of our service staff, you can be sure your vehicle is inspected properly so that any potential problems can be addressed before stranding you at the roadside. Avoiding routine service can result in more extensive repairs, as well as potentially voiding your manufacturer’s warranty.

Along with routine maintenance, our team can handle any auto repairs that are required. Read on for a more detailed overview!

Oil Change

Our Services

o          Synthetic and Regular Oil Changes
o          Transmission Fluid Flushes
o          Transmission Filter Changes
o          Power Steering Fluid Flushes
o          Brake Fluid Flushes
o          Brake System Services
o          Engine Oil Filter Changes
o          Engine Air Filter Changes
o          Engine Coolant Flushes
o          Cabin Air Filter Changes
o          Fuel Filter Changes
o          Tire Rotations
o          Wheel Balancing & Alignment
o          Maintenance Tune-Ups
o          Fuel Injection Services

Synthetic and Regular Oil Changes, Transmission Fluid Flushes, Transmission Filter Changes, Power Steering Fluid Flushes, Brake Fluid Flushes, Brake System Services, Engine Oil Filter Changes, Engine Air Filter Changes, Engine Coolant Flushes, Cabin Air Filter Changes, Fuel Filter Changes, Tire Rotations, Wheel Balancing & Alignment, Maintenance Tune-Ups, Fuel Injection Services

Brake Servicing and Repairs

Brakes are an essential part of your vehicle’s function, and our technicians at Tottenham Auto Centre are trained to inspect, diagnose and repair braking systems of any kind. Whether it’s a brake adjustment or something more complex, such as repairing your vehicle’s ABS, we can fix it with safety in mind.

Engine Repairs

Without a properly functioning engine, you could be sacrificing power and efficiency and, worse, risking a roadside breakdown. Bring your vehicle to Tottenham Auto Centre, and have our expert technicians inspect, diagnose and/or repair your vehicle’s engine and recommend the appropriate preventative maintenance.

Transmission Fluid Changes

Avoid premature transmission failure and trust Tottenham Auto Centre for your transmission fluid changes in New Tecumseth. Our transmission flush will ensure that your transmission is healthy and protected against future harm!

Tires and Tire Repair Services

Tottenham Auto Centre has the equipment and technicians to accurately diagnose and repair all tire-related problems. We offer the widest selection of tires, and our team has decades of experience in repairing and selling tires. We provide prompt and quality service at a great cost.

Heating and AC System Repairs

Whether you need a vehicle air conditioning recharge or have lost heat in your vehicle, bring your vehicle in to see one of our experienced and trained technicians to resolve any problem. We offer repairs for vehicle heating and vehicle air conditioning, so you’re covered year-round.

Exhaust System Repairs

From front exhaust pipes to catalytic converters, intermediate exhaust pipes, mufflers or tailpipes, bring your vehicle to Tottenham Auto Centre and we will fix your problem using quality parts.

Steering, Suspension and Wheel Alignment Services

Let our mechanics steer you in the right direction! Worn steering and suspension components can compromise the safety of your vehicle, while also causing premature tire wear, increased braking distances and steering control problems.

Tottenham Auto Centre technicians are trained to diagnose and repair steering- and suspension-related issues, whether they be shocks, struts, tie rod ends, idler arms, ball joints, sway bar links and/or pitman arms.

A vehicle that is out of alignment can cause premature wear to your tires and to suspension and steering components. Vehicle drivability can also be adversely impacted by misalignment. Prevent costly repairs – allow one of our technicians to inspect and realign your vehicle.


Rust is an enemy of any vehicle, especially in our colder climate. In an area that experiences snow and ice, high humidity and salted roads in winter, rustproofing can go a long way toward protecting your vehicle. A rustproofing treatment from Tottenham Auto Centre can prolong the life of your car and prevent rust from forming.